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For over 50 years FMV has proudly served the Professional Audio/Visual, Security and Enterprise Network Solutions marketplaces. Founded on the belief that we can bring the best service and support to our Dealer base, FMV has successfully gained the reputation as a premier Manufacturer’s Representative Firm in the Northeastern United States. This solid foundation has allowed our company to springboard into a sixteen-person organization, which is dedicated to the promotion of quality product lines through our developed Dealer base. Our unique strength with our Dealers is founded on having supported many of our Dealer Principals while they started their businesses during our 53 year tenure, yet our young sales force affords us a strong bond with the grass roots Dealer Salespeople and Engineers out in the field. 


F.M. Valenti, Inc. was established in 1967 by Francis Michael Valenti.  We moved into our current headquarters location, 5 Bourbon St, Peabody, MA- a 3,800 sq. ft. building owned by the principals (we also own the adjacent 3,400 sq. ft. building offering expansion room in the future) in 1990. 


Our office space is divided into areas for our Sales Staff, a Demo Room, a Training Room, a Conference Room, a Warehouse for product materials and demo equipment, and a Shipping Department.

Our Training Room is designed to seat 16–20 people comfortably, and is used on a monthly basis to further enhance the education of our Sales Team. We also offer periodic training classes for End Users on a variety of products, which affords us a unique bond with educated individuals that we can use for referrals.

Historically, F.M. Valenti, Inc. has been identified in the marketplace as a consistent Leader, performing at the top of the sales ladder of the various companies that we represent.  With many awards and plaques of recognition to give evidence to that claim, we enjoy having served with most of our Principal Manufacturers for extended periods of time as we continually search for new trends to further strengthen our position with them.  FMV takes an active role being selected by many of our Manufacturers to sit on both business development and product improvement committees, which has proven to be an effective conduit to provide direct feedback from the field to the factory, fueling the necessary changes to increase overall sales.  We at FMV are committed to further developing the marketplace for the products we represent.  This is accomplished on a daily basis with face-to-face meetings and demonstrations to our Dealer and End User base, as well as to A&E Firms responsible for specifying products.  We also use our Sales Management Software to maintain constant contact with those individuals responsible for making product decisions. Keeping decision-makers up-to-date with valuable information allows us to further maintain the mindshare of those to whom we market our products. 

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